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Obligation to publish a thesis

Publications of thesis in the DESY Thesis series are recognized by the University of Hamburg (physics department): If you recieve your PhD according to the old publication rules, please submit four copies of your DESY Thesis, in case of the new rules please submit six copies to

SUB Hamburg
Von-Melle-Park 3
20146 Hamburg

PhD, diploma, habilitation thesis concerning DESY.

The book and eBook programme ‘Springer Theses’ will publish and award prizes to a selection of exceptional PhD theses in the Physical Sciences. Details and the application form.

Printing of a defended DESY Thesis

For printing a defended thesis in the DESY thesis series please follow the instructions in the document below.
Forms for printing a defended thesis
application/pdf PDF (46KB)
Form for printing a defended thesis as DESY-Thesis report
application/pdf PDF (189KB)
Short instruction for printing a defended thesis in the DESY-THESIS-series

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