Research data and software publications

On their meeting in April 2022 the HGF General Assembly adopted a new entry-level data indicator with two components to be used internally only for 2022:
  1. Number of citable published research data and
  2. Number of citable published research software publications.
This indicator initially serves to test the operationalisability. After a trial period of two years, in the second stage, this indicator will be replaced with a quality indicator that will be a mandatory PoF indicator for the start of the year 2025 for the reporting year 2024.


  • The citable published research data and research software publications must be stored in a repository with metadata and be provided with a persistent indentifier (esp. Digital Object Identifier - DOI).

Permitted repositories are those that are either

  • are operated with the participation of a Helmholtz Centre or
  • are external and are listed or certified in
  • Established software repositories can be used for the publication of research software.

For software publications, each release is counted as a publication.

You must enter research software publications and research data publications (like all other publications) in the DESY Publication database (PubDB)

Use the datatype "Data" or "Software".

Since a DOI is required, we recomment for software, that is hosted at github to use the github Import to Zenodo to publish a release and then import the Zenodo DOI into the PubBD.

Since the DESY PubDB is a permitted repository, that can mint DOIs whenever a fulltext is attached, publishing via the PubDB by attaching the data as "fulltext" is possible, provided the size of the data is moderate.
Contact the library in case of questions.