Our Collection


Collections of the DESY central library

> about 40 000 books
> more than 30 000 bound volumes of periodicals/journals
> access to over 1400 electronic journals
> subscriptions of about 200 print journals
> about 20 daily newspaper for display
> over 130 000 reports and preprints, including theses, most of them available electronically

The library collects material on

> high energy physics and particle physics
> accelerator and detector technology
> quantum field theory
> related fields like computer science
> technical science
> nuclear physics
> mathmatics and general physics

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Online access available to our lists of

> newspaper
> electronic books
> DESY conference proceedings

When accessing copyrighted material, the legal requirements for copyright and the licensing conditions of the provider/publisher must be observed. Please note that systematic and/or bulk downloads of copyrighted material is normally not allowed. For further information please contact the library.