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application/pdf Rundschreiben 47/2006 (76KB)
Rundschreiben 47/2006

According to the DESY ordinance §2 Abs. 3 the results of all work carried out
at DESY have to be published or to be made known to the public by other means.
For both the DESY and HASYLAB annual reports as well as reports to the
HGF all publications
have to be entered in the DESY publication database (PUBDB) as soon
as possible. This includes:

  • Books and proceeding volumes/journals
  • Internal reports
  • Dissertations, diploma thesises and habilitations
  • Articles from books and proceedings volumes
  • Contributions to journals
  • Journals
  • Conferences
  • Lectures and posters

The DESY publication database is a bibliographic database
which only records the list of references of a publication.

Publications may be entered into the database either by the authors and/or their
delegates, the DESY publication apointee (PA) or in exception by the DESY

The DESY groups (e.g. the corresponding PA's) are responsible for the
completeness of the bibliographic data in the database.

The DESY central library is responsible for the development of the database, the
final release of the bibliographic data as well as all input and output functions.

All literature lists for the annual report of DESY and the HASYLAB as well as
all HGF reports containing bibliographic information will be compiled from final
released data exclusively.

Rules for the publication Database
application/pdf v-rules.pdf (34KB)


In order to enter or change a publication into the publication database a login
into the system is required. Users may use their afs/windows userid and password or use DOOR to login.

Having successfully logged into the system, the user may enter new publications
or change (edit) his or her previously entered entries.

Please use the provided import function whenever possible (This can save a lot of work and prevents duplicate entries):
See Import Help page
for more information.

If you chosse not to import the data we strongly suggest that you search for the
publication you wish to enter, since somebody else might already have added the

Afte the bibliographic information has been saved into the system it is the task
of an editor of the users group (usually the PA of the users group) to check the
entry for completeness and spelling errors
as well as for dublettes in the system. As a last step the editor releases
the entry for the final check by the DESY library.

The DESY library performs the final check on all entries. In case of errors
which can't be corrected by the library the corresponding entry is returned to
the PA for fixing. Having found no error, the entry is finally released by the
library and is then ready to be included in the various reports mentioned above.

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