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Preparing publications

Please note the DESY rules on Open Access and if necessary attach the autor annex (english, german) to the individual contracts with the publishers.

For publications in Elsevier Journals DESY authors can keep their rights for images, figures and plots by asking to amend a "Short license" to the publisher contract either by contacting "oxfordcopyrights (Elsevier)" or the library. If contacting Elsevier directly authors should ask for a short license and include what material needs to be included in the short license, and the names and street addresses of the rights holders.
NB: Normally you would include all your own material and give your name and address as rights holder. You might want to add that the material is availabe under an Open Access CC-BY 4.0 license.

In all other cases see our FAQ.

Information on Open Access Publishing Options for DESY authors can be found at our Open access Web Page

See also the "DESY Geschäfts- und Betriebsordnung" 3.7. and 4, and "Richtlinien Veröffentlichung"

According to the "Richtlinien Veröffentlichung" for all external publications (e.g. jounrnal publications) and for printing your article as a DESY report, please contact Maren Stein or l.publishing
by sending the following form:

Forms for publishing scientific papers
application/pdf PDF (103KB)
Approval for publication of a scientific paper
application/msword MS-Word (359KB)
application/pdf PDF (46KB)
Form for printing a defended thesis as DESY-Thesis report
application/pdf PDF (189KB)
Short instruction for printing a defended thesis in the DESY-THESIS-series

ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor ID

ORCID dient der eindeutigen Identifikation von Autoren auf ihren Publikationen.

Das Ziel von ORCID ist es, dass es nur noch eine ID pro Autor gibt, welche alle bisherigen Veröffentlichungen auf diese Person zuordnen kann, dadurch fallen bisherige ID von Scopus, CrossRef, Web of Science weg bzw. die Idee ist es, dass sich ORCID künftig automatisch und selbstständig mit diesen Anbietern und den dort hinterlegten Publikationen synchronisiert. Dies löst das bisherige Nachpflegen von Einträgen in ORCID per Hand ab.

Was ist zu tun?
Schritt 1: Die Registrierung bei ORCID (Neu: Direkt nach Anmeldung mit dem vorhandenen DESY Account. s.u.)
Schritt 2: Hinzufügen von persönlichen Daten z.B. Arbeitsstellen
Schritt 3: Zuordnung eigener Publikationen
Hier geht es zur Registrierung:

Warum ORCID? Um weltweit alle Autoren individuell identifizieren zu können (bei Namensgleichheit) und den Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Publikationen und ihren Autoren noch einfacher zu machen.
Bereits eine ORCID vorhanden? Dann kann man sich hier bequem einloggen:

Neu: Ab sofort ist das (erstmalige) Einloggen mit DESY userid und password möglich (Sign-in -> Institutional Account -> DESY -> continue)
Das Password wird hierbei lokal bei DESY geprüft. Anschließend kann man sich ggf. registrieren.

Sie kennen eine ORCID und möchten nach dieser suchen?
Suchen Sie ihn einfach hier:

Editing Service

As a researcher your time is very valued and best used for research.
If you need support with your manusscript preparation, we offer a professional extend scientific english editing services provided by native speakers..
The Scientific English Editing Services will cover the following aspects –

  1. Comprehensive scientific editing and journal selection services, resulting in manuscripts
    of publishable quality and that are suitable for high impact - SCI/SSCI/ISI indexed
  2. .
  3. Complete adherence to journal formatting guidelines (references, citations, tables and

Please contact the library for more information or a service request.

Publication database

According to the DESY ordinance Section 4.2 the results of all work carried out
at DESY have to be published or to be made known to the public by other means.
For both the DESY and HASYLAB annual reports as well as reports to the
HGF all publications
have to be entered in the DESY publication database (PUBDB) as soon
as possible.

Please add the fulltexts of your publication whenever possible:
  • Author submitted manuscript (pdf)
  • Publishers version (pdf)
In most cases at least the Author submitted manuscript can be made Open Access available after an appropiate embargo according to the german "Zweitveröffentlichungsrecht". See this FAQ of the alliance initiative for details.

More information about the Publication database (PUBDB)

DESY Reports

Postscript versions of most DESY reports can be found on the
DESY preprint server:
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LC reports ( LC-TH , LC-PHSM , LC-DET , ... )
EUROTeV reports (...)


Obligation to publish a thesis

Publications of thesis in the DESY Thesis series are recognized by the University of Hamburg (physics department):
If you recieve your PhD according to the old publication rules, please submit four copies of your DESY Thesis, in case of the new rules please submit six copies to
SUB Hamburg
Von-Melle-Park 3
20146 Hamburg
PhD, diploma, habilitation thesis concerning DESY

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Please note these lists will be gradulally replaced by Theses.

The book and eBook programme ‘Springer Theses’ will publish and award prizes to a selection of exceptional PhD theses in the Physical Sciences. Details and the application form.


DESY Preprint Chooser form to find preprints
by report / arXiv number on the DESY preprint server
(with links to the CERN, FERMILAB and SLAC servers)


Conference Proceedings
published at DESY

Annual Reports

Annual reports from 2009 on

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