Frequently asked questions

How do I keep my rights on figures and pictures Do not blindly sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement!

Write an e-mail to the publisher stating:

"Unfortunately , I cannot sign a full copyright transfer agreement, as my employer, DESY, reserves usage rights on figures and pictures . Under our publication policy, even if authors are copyright holders, they cannot grant exclusive rights to <publisher _name>. However, DESY is willing to grant <publisher _name> a non-exclusive licence to include all figures and pictures of the above - mentioned article to be published in the journal <journal _ name> and the right to include the material in all media , including electronic and microfilm, and to use the material in conjunction with computer-based electronic information retrieval systems, to grant permissions for photocopying, reproductions, and reprints, to translate the material and publish the translation, and to authorize document delivery and abstracting services.“

In your publication clearly state the license of the figures and pictures:

If they are your own:

„(c) All figures and pictures by the author(s) under a CC BY license”

If there are figures or pictures with other licences in your work state the license in the caption(s) or add unless otherwise stated

This ensures that others can use your material with a proper citation without paying a fee to the rights holder (i.e. usually the publisher)

Is there a special Agreement with publishers?
  • For publications in Elsevier Journals DESY authors can keep their rights for images, figures and plots by asking to amend a "Short license" to the publisher contract either by contacting "oxfordcopyrights (Elsevier)" or the library. If contacting Elsevier directly authors should ask for a short license and include what material needs to be included in the short license, and the names and street addresses of the rights holders.
  • For IOP we have the following agreement for publications in JINST (Copyright Agreement)
NB: Normally you would include all your own material and give your name and address as rights holder. You might want to add that the material is availabe under an Open Access CC-BY 4.0 license.