Run in collaboration by CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP, IN2P3, and SLAC, INSPIRE has been serving the scientific community for almost 50 years. Previously known as SPIRES, it was the first website outside Europe and the first database on the web. Close interaction with the user community and with arXiv, ADS, HEPData, ORCID, PDG and publishers is the backbone of INSPIRE’s evolution.

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INSPIRE is a trusted community hub that helps researchers to share and find accurate scholarly information in high energy physics. It serves as a one-stop information platform, comprising 8 interlinked databases on literature, conferences, institutions, journals, researchers, experiments, jobs and data.

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INSPIRE is the successor of the trusty SPIRE database already developed in 1969 that served the High Energy Physics community till 2012.

Funded since 2012. Including SPIRES since 1969.