Pay per view

The DESY library offers you a new service. If you want to get a document (journal article, book, book series) which the DESY library hasn’t already subscribed to, you can buy the document directly via the library. This means that you will get the requested document immediately on your screen after just a few seconds.

1. Search in the Elsevier science direct portal the document you want, for example a Journal article or enter a DOI directly via the DESY ILL Server.

2. Check if you can already access the article (in this case the little box next to the article title would be green).

But if you can see an abstract of the requested document (white box) only ...

3. Click on the title of the document you want to access.

4. Click on the button “Order Fulltext via DESY” on the right side.

: With Mozilla Firefox this button will look very small, we try to change that as soon as possible.
5. You have to wait a short moment while the system checks if DESY has once before bought the document.

6. If the library once has bought the document, it will open automatically.
If not, you have to enter
your DESY-username,
your DESY-password and
your DESY-group.
There may be a warning about the costs of the document, so think carefully: Do you really need it ?.
If you decide “yes”, just click on the button “buy” and you get the document immediately on your screen.
The box “save as default” is automatically checked and saves your username and your DESY-group so that you don’t have to enter it when you use our service again. If you don’t want your username and DESY-group to be saved, you may uncheck the box.

NB: Your password is never saved

There may be some little inconveniences at the beginning. We’ll fix those as soon as possible. If you have any problems with our new service please contact Antje Daum via 3317. One inconvenience we already know about is the following:

If you want to have access to a chapter of a book from sciencedirect, there is no button “Order Full-Text via DESY” after you’ve clicked on the chapter title.
In this case you need to copy the doi (digital object identifier), which you can find above the chapter title, and go to the URL , fill in the doi and click on submit.

here is where you find the doi on

There may be some cases in which you get an error after you clicked on “Order Full-Text via DESY”:
Error: Could not resolve doi. Please provide a valid DOI.
In such a case you have to go back to the document and copy the doi as described above.