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[PUBDB-2018-01626] Book

Natural complexity: A modeling handbook
Princeton : Princeton Univ. Pr., Primers in complex systems , 355 p. ()
Part 1. What Is complexity?: Complexity Is not simple -- Randomness Is not complexity -- Chaos Is not complexity -- Open dissipative systems -- Natural complexity -- About the computer programs listed in this book -- Part 2 [...]
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[PUBDB-2018-01698] Book

Astrophysik: eine Einführung in Theorie und Grundlagen; 2. Auflage
Berlin : Springer Spektrum, Lehrbuch , XIII, 602 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme () [10.1007/978-3-662-55467-8]  GO
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[PUBDB-2018-01700] Book

Einstieg in die Astroteilchenphysik: Grundlagen, Messungen und Ergebnisse aktueller Forschung; 2. Auflage
Berlin : Springer Spektrum , X, 440 Seiten : Illustrationen, Diagramme () [10.1007/978-3-662-55271-1]  GO
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[PUBDB-2018-01699] Book

The history of physics: a very short introduction; First edition
Oxford : Oxford University Press, Very Short Introductions 549, XVI, 175 Seiten : Illustrationen ()
"How does the physics we know today-- a highly professionalized enterprise, inextricably linked to government and industry-- link back to its origins as a liberal art in ancient Greece? What is the path that leads from the old philosophy of nature and its concern with humankind's place in the universe to modern massive international projects that hunt down fundamental particles and industrial laboratories that manufacture marvels? John Heilbron's fascinating history of physics introduces us to Islamic astronomers and mathematicians, calculating the size of the earth whilst their caliphs conquered much of it; to medieval scholar-theologians investigating light; to Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton, measuring, and trying to explain, the universe. We visit the 'House of Wisdom' in 9th-century Baghdad; Europe's first universities; the courts of the Renaissance; the Scientific Revolution and the academies of the 18th century; the increasingly specialized world of 20th and 21st century science [...]
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[PUBDB-2017-155724] Book

Theories of everything
London : Profile Books Ltd, Ideas in profile , 167 p. ()
Physicist Frank Close takes the reader to the frontiers of science in a vividly told investigation of revolutionary science and enterprise from the seventeenth century to the present. He looks at what has been meant by theories of everything, explores the scientific breakthroughs they have allowed, and shows the far-reaching effects they have had on crucial aspects of life and belief [...]
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[PUBDB-2017-140088] Book

Introduction to quantum mechanics: Schrödinger equation and path integral; 2nd ed.
New Jersey : World Scientific , 919 S ()
Focuses on quantum mechanics by covering various topics of an introduction to the subject. This title deals with the perturbative solution of the Schrodinger equation for various potentials and thereafter with the introduction and evaluation of their path integral counterparts
This text on quantum mechanics begins by covering all the main topics of an introduction to the subject [...]
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[PUBDB-2018-01872] Book

A student's guide to dimensional analysis; 1st publ.
Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Pr. , 102 p. () [10.1017/9781316676165]  GO
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[PUBDB-2018-00716] Book

Optics, light and lasers: The practical approach to modern aspects of photonics and laser physics; 3rd rev. and enl. ed.
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH , 528 p. ()
This new, updated and enlarged edition of the successful and exceptionally well-structured textbook features new chapters on such hot topics as optical angular momentum, microscopy beyond the resolution limit, metamaterials, femtocombs, and quantum cascade lasers. It provides comprehensive and coherent coverage of fundamental optics, laser physics, and important modern applications, while equally including some traditional aspects for the first time, such as the Collins integral or solid immersion lenses.Written for newcomers to the topic who will benefit from the author's ability to explain difficult theories and effects in a straightforward and readily comprehensible way.Dieses Buch ist genau richtig für Einsteiger in das Fachgebiet. [...]
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[PUBDB-2017-153905] Book

The standard model in a nutshell
Princeton : Princeton Univ. Pr., In a nutshell , 295 p ()
A concise and authoritative introduction to one of the central theories of modern physics. For a theory as genuinely elegant as the Standard Model -the current framework describing elementary particles and their forces - it can sometimes appear to students to be little more than a complicated collection of particles and ranked list of interactions [...]
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[PUBDB-2018-01873] Book

A primer on string theory; 1st publ.
Cambridge : Cambridge Univ. Pr. , 223 p. () [10.1017/9781316672631]  GO
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[PUBDB-2017-148891] Book
; ; ; et al
Technology meets research: 60 years of CERN technology: Selected highlights
Hackensack : World Scientific, Advanced series on directions in high energy physics 27, 460 p. () [10.1142/9921]  GO
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[PUBDB-2018-01954] Book

Höllenritt durch Raum und Zeit: Astronaut Ulrich Walter erklärt die Raumfahrt; Orig.-Ausg., 1. Aufl.
Grünwald : Komplett-Media , 223 S. ()
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New acquisitions of the current week. These items are on display in the Library and thus are not available for loan yet. Usually, they will be available next week.