Projekt DEAL (Implications for DESY)

DEAL - Nationwide licensing of offers from major science publishers

DEAL, a project commissioned by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany to negotiate nation-wide license agreements for electronic journals of large scientific publishers, including Elsevier, SpringerNature and Wiley, started in 2015. It aims at significant changes for the contracts and price structure. Access to scientific information will be broader and articles with a corresponding author from any participating institute will automatically be made globally Open Access. The project is supported by all major German research organisation (including HGF) and all German universities.

Termination Elsevier

As of December 31st 2017, DESY, in consultation with the board of directors, together with 14 other HGF centers, whose license agreement also expires at the end of the year, has terminated the contract with Elsevier for the publisher's online journals. This happened in order to support the efforts of the project DEAL ( of the „Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany” to achieve a nationwide license agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals (e-journals) of major science publishers. The nationwide consortium agreement aims to improve access to scientific literature for science on a broad and sustainable level and at the same time implement an open access component.

If Elsevier does not agree to a nationwide transitional agreement, the situation at the beginning of 2018 will be as follows::

For articles that are no longer available in full text, the library will provide access via interlibrary loan delivery, document delivery services, OA publications, and FATER (

To access the documents, you can either click on the FATER link FATER Image at the publisher or enter the bibliographic information directly into FATER.

SpringerNature and Wiley

In the DEAL negotiations for SpringerNature and Wiley a transitional agreement has been reached for 2018:

  • In 2018 DESY will have access to all Springer and Adis journals for the years from 1997 to 2018.
  • After the signing of the DEAL contract, all subsequently published articles by (first) authors from DEAL institutions in hybrid Springer and Adis journals will be published as Open Access articles.
  • The existing Wiley contracts remain valid for 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience.