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Speak friend and enter...

Speak friend and enter...

Journal articles

We have access to the fulltext of articles from electronic journals.
Hardcopies of the periodicals can be found in the library.

When accessing copyrighted material, the legal requirements for copyright and the licensing conditions of the provider/publisher must be observed. For further information please contact the library.

For other journals we can buy single articles.
Either via FATER - just follow this link 'Order fulltext via DESY'(works only in DESY Intranet) or contact Christian Welch, phone: 3603

Acquisition of books and magazines

To buy books for your group please do not use e.biss yet. We are still working on a special mode. Instead please fill out our forms for book or magazine order and send it via internal mail to Christian Welch- Library. Exceptionally we accept also an email to Christian Welch sent from a person who is authorized to sign for the cost center (Kostenstelle).

application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document DESY Buchbestellung.docx (48KB)
DESY book order form
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document DESY Zeitschriftenbestellung.docx (48KB)
DESY magazine order form


  • Printing of DESY reports and publications
  • Printing of proceedings
  • Assinging DOIs


Newspapers are on display in a shelf in front of the library.
Lists of electronic books and DESY conference proceedings.

Acquisition of new literature

Every DESY member can make suggestions for the acquisition of new literature. Please send your proposal as a formless message to the library. Please feel also free to request items from our suggestion service.
Privatkäufe im Schweitzer Webshop mit Lieferung an die DESY Bibliothek

Bitte registrieren Sie sich für Ihren ersten Einkauf im Schweitzer Webshop unter


In dem Registrierungsportal können Sie die Bibliothek des DESY als abweichende Lieferadresse angeben.

Nach dem Abschließen öffnet sich sofort Ihr Konto.

Bei der ersten Erwerbung wählen Sie bitte die Zahlungsoption "Kreditkarte".

Die Lieferung der Bücher erfolgt dann an die DESY Bibliothek, wo das Buch abgeholt werden kann.

Private purchases from the Schweitzer Webshop with delivery to the DESY library

Please register for the first purchase at the Schweitzer Webshop through this web address:


After you register with the Schweitzer Webshop, immediately open an account in your own name.

In connection with your first purchase please choose the credit card payment option („Kreditkarte“), and then enter your credit card information.

In the registration portal, you can designate the library at DESY as the alternative delivery address. („Abweichende Lieferadresse“)

Delivery of your books will be made to the DESY library, where you may pick them up.