People at the DESY Library

Köhler, Martin
    Library and Documentation Administration

 Central Library 

Bierhahn, Marion
    Circulation desk
    Administration of permanent loans
    ALEPH Library system loans

Daum, Antje
    Acquisition and management of subscriptions: journals and periodicals
    Apprenticeship management

Mehl, Rebecca

Piegler, Maike

Stein, Maren
    Printing of DESY reports
    DESY publications, publication fees
    Conference list and database

Welch, Christian
    Acquisitions (books, articles, standards)
    Interlibrary loan


Wagner, Alexander
    Library Catalogue
    Publication database

Füllgraf, Tanja
    INSPIRE-HEP database editing

Luenert, Hildegard
    INSPIRE-HEP database editing

Thiele, Robert
    Publication database
    General system administration

Sachs, Kirsten
    INSPIRE-HEP database
    Electronic preprints
    Indexing and keywording

Schwennsen, Florian
    INSPIRE-HEP database
    Literature retrievals
    Electronic preprints and journals
    SCOAP, Open Access

 Zeuthen library 

     contact persons for all library services
Fieder, Evelin
Guse, Carola