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====== NEWS ======


Elsevier reports technical problems with their databases

The publisher Elsevier reports massive technical problems with their platforms. At DESY the access to SCOPUS seems to be unaffected, but users report that access to older articles via the sciencedirect platform, to which we have archival access rights seems not to work. We have been told that Elsevier is working on this issues with the highest priority.

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Info an alle DESYianer:

Ab sofort sind alle Springer e-Books aus dem Bereich
"Physics & Astronomy" für ein Jahr freigeschaltet.

(Nur für DESY intern!!!)


Information to all people of DESY:

From now on all e-books by Springer from the section
"Physics & Astronomy" are free to read for a year.

(Only for DESY internals!!!)


Recent curiosities
in the world of 'physics'

Aktuelle Kuriositäten
in der Welt der "Physik"


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