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====== NEWS ======


News for arXiv

Cornell University Library's arXiv, a digital archive and open-access distribution service for scientific research articles, will move within Cornell to Computing & Information Science (CIS) at the end of 2018. The decision to move was done to increase ties with the computing and information science community and to continue advancing innovations in scientific communication. The arXiv team remains unchanged and users will only experience marginal effects (e.g. change of logo).

Professor Paul Ginsparg started arXiv in 1991 at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and brought it to Cornell in 2001.

The e-print repository has experienced a tremendous groth and is a global resource for research publications in the several fields including physics, mathematics, computer science and quantitative biology.


ASME Trial Access

Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME is the premier professional membership organization for more than 130,000 mechanical engineers and associated members worldwide. ASME also conducts one of the largest technical publishing operations in the world, offering thousands of titles including some of the profession's most prestigious journals, conference proceedings, and ASME Press books.
The ASME Digital Collection is ASME’s repository of current and archival literature featuring:
  • ASME's Transaction Journals from 1960 to the present.
  • ASME's Conference Proceedings from 2002 to the present.
  • ASME Press eBooks selected from 1984 to the present.

Until end of November we offer a trial access to the the portal via http://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org Your feedback is welcome.


Editing Service

As a researcher your time is very valued and best used for research. If you need support with your manusscript preparation, we offer a professional extend scientific english editing services provided by native speakers.. . The Scientific English Editing Services will cover the following aspects –
  1. Comprehensive scientific editing and journal selection services, resulting in manuscripts of publishable quality and that are suitable for high impact - SCI/SSCI/ISI indexed journals
  2. .
  3. Complete adherence to journal formatting guidelines (references, citations, tables and figures).
Please contact the library for more information or a service request.

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Info an alle DESYianer:

Ab sofort sind alle Springer e-Books aus dem Bereich
"Physics & Astronomy" für ein Jahr freigeschaltet.

(Nur für DESY intern!!!)


Information to all people of DESY:

From now on all e-books by Springer from the section
"Physics & Astronomy" are free to read for a year.

(Only for DESY internals!!!)


Recent curiosities
in the world of 'physics'

Aktuelle Kuriositäten
in der Welt der "Physik"


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